Wedding Packages

Silver Wedding Package ($1,199)

  1. 2 Camera Digital Coverage (up to 5 hours)

  2. Full Coverage of Ceremony

  3. Reception: Key Events

  4. Post-Production: Includes Basic Titles

  5. 2 Decorative and Personal DVDs

Gold Wedding Package ($1,799)

  1. 2 Camera Digital Coverage (up to 6 hours)

  2. Includes Silver Wedding Package Options Plus

    1. Coverage of Pre-Wedding Events

    2. Growing Up Photo Montage (up to 50 photos)

    3. 3-5 Minute Wedding Highlight Video

    4. Post-Production: Includes Custom Titles

    5. Enhanced DVD Authoring

    6. Color Correction and Special Effects

  3. 3 Decorative and Personal DVDs

Platinum Wedding Package ($2,399)

  1. 3 Camera Digital Coverage (up to 8 hours)

  2. Includes Gold Wedding Package Option Plus

    1. Extended Coverage of Reception: Includes montages before during and after reception events

    2. Coverage of Rehearsal

    3. Video Guest Book with family and friends at the reception

  3. 5 Decorative and Personal DVDs

Al a carte Options:

  1. Coverage of Bride Getting Ready at Home ($249)

  2. Video Guest Book during reception ($249)

  3. Additional hour of coverage ($199)

  4. Additional DVD ($19.95)

Not finding a package that meets your needs or budget?  Give us a call and we’ll design a Wedding Package that meets your needs.

  1. 1.Too Expensive.

  2. A good Professional Wedding Videographer costs about as much as a Wedding photographer yet you get a lot more value from a Wedding video.  Still photographs can not fully express the moments of your special day.  The laughter, the emotion and the movement can only be fully expressed in a video.  A lot more effort goes into creating a professional Wedding video as a videographer will spend several hours after your Wedding editing and processing your video, where a photography just color corrects your photos.

  3. 2.I already hired a Professional Photographer.

  1. A photographer will capture the key moments of your Wedding and wil pose your Wedding party for special shots.  A Wedding videographer will capture your entire ceremony from multiple camera angles (every moment) and good bit of your reception.  After your Wedding is over, you can either look at a number of still photographs to remember your day or you can actually go back in time and relive your day with a video of your Wedding.

  1. 3. I have a Relative that will capture video of our Wedding.

  1. Yes, nearly everyone owns a video camera these days and many even have tripods to keep the camera steady.  However, very few people own a professional video camera that can capture video using the manual settings necessary to capture high quality video in low or conflicting light sources.  Just think about the last time you try to take a picture of someone standing in front of a bright window and you can understand the challenge of working with compromised light sources.  Also, your relative probably doesn’t have professional wireless microphones to capture your Wedding vows in a large church with lots of echo.  Finally, many relatives do not have professional editing software to edit video and mix sound to produce a high quality video on a professionally authored DVD.  Its actually a lot easier to have a relative take quality photographs than it is to produce a professional video.

  1. 4. We are having a Small Wedding with just a few friends and relatives.

  1. At ClearFocus we have covered a number of small Weddings.  What we find there is not much of a difference between large and small Weddings except maybe a few less people.  The ceremony is just as important, the reception has the same traditions (i.e. cutting the cake).  Friends and relatives have just as much fun.  Large or small, its still a very special day and why not record that day so you can relive it through video for years to come.

  1. 5.We don’t want to make our Wedding a big production where cameras get in the way of our special day.

  1. As videographers, our objective it to blend into the background and capture your special day through multiple camera angles and zoom lenses.  Unlike a photography, we are not going to ask for you to stop and pose.  Enjoy your special day and the videographer will be in the background recording you day for years to come.

The truth is that many Brides later regret that they did not invest in a professional edited wedding video to relive their day.  You can’t go back in time, but a video gives you a window into the past!

Top 5 Reasons Why Brides Don’t Hire a Professional Videographer

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